Flu Shot?

In a recent article by the Examiner.com the concept of a natural alternative to the flu shot was presented.

Vitamin D is gaining popularity as a natural flu preventative. It has important immune functions including triggering antibody production against infectious microbes. A report published in the October 2007 edition of "Epidemiology and Infection" found that vitamin E intake prevented the flu. Researchers discovered that less than 8% of participants administered 800 or 2,000 IU of vitamin D daily experienced cold or flu symptoms over a 3 year period - a 92% degree of effectiveness. Amazingly, only 1 of 104 subjects who received the 2,000 IU dosage experienced flu or cold symptoms. 

Another common flu shot alternative is the homeopathic remedy "influenzinum." A 2004 double-blinded study submitted to the University of Johannesburg compared the effectiveness of the flu shot and influenzinum and determined that influenzinum was equally as effective in prevention of the flu. These results are very promising since homeopathic remedies have no side effects of contraindications and can be given to individuals of all ages!