At the age of 12, Dr. Bishop made the decision to go into the healthcare field. His mother was diagnosed with a rare form of kidney cancer and would die before his 14th birthday. In seeing her pass through the states of her illness, and not understanding why "nothing" was being done to help her, he decided to become the doctor that would make a difference. 

The journey began with an Eagle Scout project that led to becoming a volunteer at St. Francis Hospital of Lynwood. Bishop was also employed at Maywood Convalescent Hospital and by Logan Community Hospital. The bulk of time between high school and his graduation from chiropractic college was spent working in the emergency department of St. Francis Hospital.

Events led to a re-evaluation of career path choices for Bishop. He became aware that medicine was the answer to the symptom or effect, but did little to address the cause. It just did not make sense to him to wait for people to become ill and then try to fix them. If effect, it seemed that people were taking better care of their cars than they were of themselves.

He made the decision to attend chiropractic college and graduated Magna Cum Laude from Cleveland Chiropractic College located in Los Angeles, Ca. He began practicing in Whittier, CA in 1985 as the third generation of chiropractors to serve the community out of an office that was located at Santa Fe Springs Rd. and Lambert Rd.

In 2017, Dr. Bishop made the decision to get out of the "big city." Currently, he serves the community of Reedley, CA.