With 2017 upon us, I would first like to thank each and every one of you for 31 years of support, trust and community.

As most are aware by now, Inez and I have relocated to the Central Valley region - Reedley.

I’m excited to inform you that we are opening a practice in Reedley. Please feel free to like and follow us, on Facebook, at Facebook.com/ReedleyChiropractic.

Daryl Capen, DC will continue to serve from the Santa Fe Springs clinic - 12000 Slauson Ave., Unit 8, Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670. His phone number is: 562.533.4136 and the best way to reach him, for care, is by way of text. You will be informed if an online scheduling option later becomes available.

An additional resource for finding chiropractors who use the Activator Method is: https://doc.activator.com

The best way to reach Inez and me is either through the website contact page: BishopChiropractic.net / ReedleyChiropractic.com or e-mail: info@bishopchiropractic.net / drb@reedleychiropractic.com.

The Reedley clinic address is:  1421 11th Street, Reedley, CA 93654, Phone: 559.633.9963

If you ever find yourself in the area, we’d love to have you stop by.

We remain committed to your health and will continue to keep you informed about topics of interest in the areas of chiropractic, nutrition, movement and wellness.


In 1895, the art and practice of Chiropractic was founded by D.D. Palmer. He based Chiropractic care on"tone," or the idea that adverse mechanical tension anywhere in the body would change the "tension" of every cell in the body. Much like a guitar string that is either too tight or too loose, the proper note will not be played. Only the tuning of the guitar will bring about the harmony desired. The mathematical principle was later described as "tensegrity." The purpose of Chiropractic care is to introduce a specific force into the body, that is then used by the body, to restore normal "tone" and function to every system.

Calabi Yau Space

Calabi Yau Space Plot

Calabi Yau Space Plot

Today, much like over 100 years ago, the principles of Chiropractic care seem "strange" to many. We do live in a changing world. Consider the Calabi Yau Space illustration. Perhaps it doesn't look familiar, but it is the mathematical plot of subatomic particle, or string, activity out to the 10th dimension. Physics is showing us, today, that all of life is composed from a symphony of string activity and that proper tone is critical for optimal health. 

The purpose of the Chiropractic adjustment is to restore proper tone to the body thereby creating an environment for the body to express health to it's potential. 

Reedley Chiropractic is the continuation of Bishop Chiropractic which was founded in 1985. Dr. Bishop was privileged to continue a three generation tradition of chiropractors serving the residents of Whittier. Dr. Norman Goodman and Dr. William Spangle were his predecessors and between the three doctors more than 50 years of continued Chiropractic care has been provided to thousands of residents in Whittier and neighboring communities.

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